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Basic PC Support


I receive numerous requests to visit people's home or take their computers home to repair.  Much of the time this isn't really necessary had preventive maintenance and some basic knowledge been employed.  With some basic knowledge it is possible to learn what to do or more importantly how to prevent issues.  Those with Apple (tablets & PCs) don't have too much to worry about although this is changing but those with PCs and laptops do. If you need me to take a look at your computer either remotely or physically email or call (answering service) and I will be in touch, otherwise please see exactly what works for me below and perhaps implement for yourself.  By the way, I downloaded this resume template from the web here (0) should you want a copy for yourself.  I simply edited it for my own needs.

What Works For Me...


- Malwarebytes

I use Malwarebytes religiously, even if I think I have been infected I take no chances and run a quick scan.  On Sundays I run a full-scan.  The only infections in years since using this program are software that I download from the torrents, (which I remove immediately) outside of that I have been virtually spyware & virus free for a few years.  I think this is by far one of the best spyware programs around.


- Avast

Avast is another software I swear by, in fact, it just keeps improving by leaps and bounds.  I know for a fact that Norton and MacFee do not work what-so-ever.  Most of the computers brought to me to repair (remove viruses & clean) have these two programs installed fail continuously to detect and remove viruses and spyware.  Avira is another good one and I know for a fact there are a few other ones that are decent but for me Avast (for now) ranks at the top.


- Ccleaner, Clean-up & PrivaZer

Concerning the three, Ccleaner, Clean-up and PrivaZer, actually there should be four items as I do use the browser's own built in clean-up options (all browsers have this).  For the most part I run Ccleaner and Clean-up when I finish on the internet or start a new session on the internet and PrivaZer on Sundays.  They are all pretty decent and find junk that the other misses

Key Websites


A+ Certified*


I am A+ Certified (since 1993) and have several certifications, certificates, letters of recommendations, awards, recognition and class attended notices.  However, I am somewhat out-out-date with some technology such as tablets and cell phones but will be taking courses soon on tablet (primarily Apple products) service and repair to get up to speed. 



I have my Associates in Computer Science.  I am not so much a big believer in what I have been able to accomplish test and study wise but more my reputation via Word of Mouth.  I put 100% effort and charge affordably for the work that I do as I believe this field tends to mislead clients when it comes to this aspect.  I basically charge $25.00 an hour and if the job looks like it will take several hours I opt to re-image with careful consideration in saving the clients data.  This usually brings the cost to less than $100.00 for the complete job.  (The client is responsible for providing original software or added software).  Hardware issues can cost more and become more time consuming so this is usually the only variance. Note, shipping PCs or laptops to me is also fine.