When it comes to charisma, you can learn a lot of surface level stuff. Body language, eye contact, tonality, all of these things can be tweaked to make you appear more confident, charismatic, and magnetic. But when it comes to making long-lasting change, you need to change the beliefs and mindsets that underpin all your actions. Only when you’ve done this will your charisma begin to emanate more naturally.

In this video we boil the 12 charismatic convictions (from the book Charisma on Command) down to 6 beliefs. If you can internalize these beliefs, you will find yourself behaving in ways that draw people to you.

Those charismatic beliefs are

1. No matter what, I will be okay

2. I care more about my character than my reputation

3. I have impeccable honesty and integrity

4. I don’t need to convince anyone of anything

5. I share my purpose proactively

6. I go there first in humanizing interaction

If you can incorporate those convictions into your life, you will become much more charismatic in all of your interactions and magnetic to the type of people who you want in your life.