From a dorm room at Stanford University, two business school students designed a system of solar panels for the roof of a boarding school in Nairobi. It worked. The school saved money and replaced the diesel generator it had relied on when the power went off.

But students Christopher Hopper and Samuel Adeyemo realized they needed to speed up design, shade analysis and permitting. They needed software. They needed computers. And they needed to lean on technology to make the business a success. The year was 2012, and they were in the right place.

“We put our headphones on, and we’d code all day,” Hopper said.

In 2013, the pair launched Aurora Solar, a software firm that speeds up design, permitting and installation for rooftop solar arrays. Today, a climate business that began in the dorms at Palo Alto has designed panels for more than 4 million solar projects, its revenue has soared tenfold, and it boasts 100 employees and expects to double that.

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