The fact that no emergency response to the entrenched failure of governments is a crime against humanity and indeed all of life.


Given this availability of solutions (which are largely absent from the North American media), the political, media, and moral failures to act decisively have now become willful crimes against life itself.

This conscious refusal of the dominate players-government, corporations and the media-to act with purpose helps to answer the questions, “Where is the human outcry for earth’s life-support? Why have we failed to seize control of our survival?”

Trappist monk Thomas Merton explored a similar mystery in the 1960s. During the nuclear madness of the Cold War, he coined the term “the unspeakable” to describe a vacuum that can be utterly void of compassion and responsibility.

This moral abyss is still very much alive within the deep military-industrial state that Eisenhower warned about in 1961. The public needs to acknowledge and understand this nihilistic mindset, which since the 1980s has played a major role in hiding from society the truth about the climate crisis.

Pope Francis, in his 2015 Encyclical Letter – which was backed by all the major world faiths—referred to climate change as “a sin against God.”

Following the Pope’s declaration, the UN Paris climate summit was signed by 195 countries – yet astonishingly our North American national governments persist in activities of deep denial, as they rush ahead with new pipelines.

And incredibly, against years of IMF and World Bank pressure to phase them out, governments continue to subsidize fossil fuels to the globally suicidal extent of trillions of dollars worldwide. It is as if our political leaders had no concern for our children’s future. Simply stopping these subsidies would be an instant game changer.

Another powerful strategy is legal action against governments for the crime of omission to protect the right to life of their populations—a public trust duty that dates back to Roman times and early British common law. – Quoted excerpt is from Introduction section in book; ‘Unprecedented Crime’ by Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth.