The strikes that Greta started are
Indeed a wonder to behold,
But they have not effected change
We need to make if truth be told.
The problem is they’re strikes against
The memes of all humanity
Which make a life all should agree
Defines the word insanity.

To make the necessary change
In order to keep us alive
We need to fully understand
The reason we may not survive
This devastating climate change,
Creates our recent history
Where we can see among the facts
The climate’s enemy is ‘we’.

About 2 million years ago
The elements of human life
Combined in Nature’s science lab
In ways that were devoid of strife.
The cells began to “reach out to
The bounds of their capacity,
To others, and to Nature’s God”,
Our natural activity,
Creating bodies just like ours
With minds that were all primed to fill.
Last, Mother Nature took a chance
And gave humanity free will
200,000 years ago.
Then ‘Eve’ asked ‘Adam’, “Why am I?”
And gave birth to humanity,
But ‘Adam’ couldn’t find out why.
Instinctively he’d fled unknowns
But this one he could not avoid
So he created a response
With which he tried to fill the void.

This was a turning point for us.
With his capacity to choose
He could have gone on “reaching out…”
Exclusively, no life to lose.
Instead he tried to fill the void.
But still he felt the emptiness.
His many offspring tried as well
Throughout the years without success.

Each try to fill the void replaced
The same amount of “reaching out…”,
The natural activity,
How our existence came about.
As they diminished “reaching out…”,
Those mounting tries to fill the void,
Unnatural activity,
Our life has pretty well destroyed.
We’ve heated up our Mother Earth,
Her fish are going down the drain,
Our garbage too is piling up,
Our numbers She cannot sustain.

We’re at another point in life,
This one the point of no return.
If we don’t wish to go beyond
Here are two facts we need to learn.
There simply is no answer to
The existential “Why am I?”
Since made up answers all conflict
We must discard the ways we try
To fill the void before we can
”Reach out to others…” and arrange
To stand together letting us
Begin arresting climate change.

It will be hard for we’ve been told
Our memes give meaning to our life,
And we believe despite the fact
That conflict in our lives is rife.
Though climate change is scaring us
Lost sense of meaning scares us more,
And so we’ve built our ‘forts’ of memes
Within our mind, without a door.
Our ‘forts’ are near impervious.
That’s why the COPs will not succeed,
And demonstrations, marches, strikes
Won’t work no matter how we plead.

Though forts of memes cannot be breached
By banging heads against a wall,
If our own memes we undermine
Defenses will begin to fall.
This is the only way we can
Successfully arrest the change
We’re making to our climate that
All life on earth will disarrange.
We all must undermine our memes,
But still we have to realize
The youth are best to lead because
Their memes have yet to fossilize.

They don’t need marching shoes or signs.
A two way mirror is what they need.
In them we’ll see dividing memes.
When we discard them we’ll succeed
In getting rid of politics,
Religion and philosophy.
To end all costs to life we’ll raze
Our vertical economy.
We’ll cut our population by
Reducing sex and families,
Allowing Nature to refresh
Her air, her water, and her trees.

Now rolling we won’t stop until
We put ourselves in Nature’s jail
Where natural activity
And Mother Nature will prevail.

Continued at Source