“The oil industry is slowly being cornered, like the tobacco industry before it. Just as they once promised to go “Smoke Free,” towns across the country are now pledging to go “Fossil Free,” banning new fossil-fuel projects and committing to 100 percent renewable energy for all. New York City is suing the five biggest oil companies for the damages that came with climate change; so are San Francisco and Seattle, where the county executive put the case plainly: “The companies that profited the most from fossil fuels should help bear the costs of managing these disasters,” he said, and it’s hard to disagree – or to add up the potential damages. Sea-level rise alone is likely to be costing the planet tens of trillions (with a T) of dollars by the end of the century – and even at their most profitable back in the dirty old days, oil companies didn’t make that kind of money. Cities are likely to be underwater, but so are investments.” – Bill McKibben

Excerpt from Bill’s latest piece over at the Rolling Stone.   Continue here for entire article:  Tick!