UN climate body bids for 26% core budget increase

Published on 27/03/2019

Despite pressure from the likes of US and Brazil to rein in costs, the UN is seeking extra government funding to put the Paris Agreement into practice

By Megan Darby

The UN climate body needs 26% more money to meet its core commitments in 2020 and 2021, according to a draft budget presented to government officials this week.

On top of running annual climate negotiations, UN Climate Change has extra work to monitor and coordinate national efforts under the Paris Agreement. New initiatives include a platform to boost representation of indigenous people.

The ask for extra funding from member states comes amid pressure from countries like the US and Brazil to rein in UN spending. They are €2.9 million ($3.3m) and €1.6m ($1.8m) behind on their expected contributions to the UN climate process, respectively, although both made payments in 2018.

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