To understand what climate is, it can be helpful to understand what it isn’t. Perhaps the most common misconception about climate is that it is what’s happening outside your window right now. That’s weather:   a day-to-day reflection of our climate where we live.   To establish global climate normal, we basically average local weather for thirty years and average all those averages over the entire planet to define the Earth’s climate at the global scale.   Weather is defined by temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall or snowfall amount, cloudiness, etc.   To describe the regional climate of a place, people often tell what the temperatures are like over the seasons, how windy it tends to be, and how much rain or snow falls on the average.   So climate and weather are two different things, but because one is essentially the long-term average of the other, they are not independent of each other. – Darling Sisterson, Excerpt from book, ‘How to Change Minds about Our Changing Climate’