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We at Climate Change Community hope our note finds everyone in the best of health and security. Our deepest condolences to everyone who have lost loved ones and those who lost their lives to COVID-19. I sense we all have experienced loss in one form or another from COVID. The pain and grief of losing family, relatives, friends or acquaintances can be overwhelming.

Acknowledgment, congratulations, and big thank you to ‘The Leap’ on your new website – really great archival/content—really worth checking it out, and to the Sunrise Movement on your energy and numerous activities behind-the-scenes and on the front-line, I am blown away by your sheer determination to secure a sustainable planet for yourselves and the children of tomorrow, (and kudos that you offer ‘Emergency Preparation Training’ which says a lot, thank you as the one I attended was amazing and totally off the hook…), to, Bill McKibben, Indigenous Groups, Ranchers, and other Climate Organizations and leaders on the Keystone Pipeline closure.

A really big acknowledgment to ‘The Climate Mobilization’ who I have had the fortune of working with for some time and now on a more supportive level. Thank you so much for allowing me to volunteer my support with you guys. If you haven’t checked out ‘Climate Awakening’ please do, in fact let me know which session you are signing up for and I’ll do likewise so we can dialogue face to face. .

It is very disheartening knowing we are not really preparing as quickly as we possibly could on our way to very critical effects of this ‘Climate Emergency.’ Greta Thunberg, Young Adults, Climate Activists, Climate Organizations, Climate Authors and most of all scientists have been warning us to act faster. We can no longer avoid their appeals for us to ‘expedite our efforts’ and ‘help.’

Any lethargic mobilization insolence and any reluctant Climate Emergency actions at this point will lead to our defeat. Although we all know suppressed action on the part of some of our elected leaders here in the U.S. and in other countries is tied directly to greed, need (to hold on to power, re-attain or attain it), willful ignorance and more.

There can no longer be hesitation, all financial concerns of mitigating and preparation, from infrastructure repairs and/or upgrades, but importantly the ‘grassroots’ adaptation measures must be dealt with without concern of amount or even perceived cost.

Compared to the ‘effects’ of the Climate Emergency – the real cost from not being more pro-active now will be for us significant losses (of life and of viable sustainable measures) that can be prevented right now, if and only if, we act as if our Climate Emergency was well, an Emergency. So yes, forget the cost, perhaps those responsible such as Shell, Exxon, Koch Industries, and others should be held liable and pay each state and Puerto Rico for the atrocious damages they caused. (See GEM #1)

What one decides to do in crisis depends on one’s philosophy of life, and that philosophy cannot be changed by an incident. If one hasn’t any philosophy in crises, others make the decision.” – Jeannette Rankin

Of equal importance and now a necessity is for the ‘Government and the Climate Team’ to please, please listen to both the scientists and children/young adults. All of our focus including governments should be on cutting ties with the fossil fuel and removing their influence especially from governments, not the other way around as was recently reported. Shortly, I am hoping to explain why in precise detail (some below and see GEMs for more).

Below are some new updates. The Climate Emergency is a really serious crisis! So this quote below is now a necessity in our confronting this Climate Emergency.

We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.” – Tim Berners-Lee

So with that we wanted to give you guys a heads-up and announce that Climate Change Community purchased the URL ‘ and it will be opened up as an invitation only online community. (Listen it is not a big deal, it is just a small community or rather an online control center). We listed as a ‘club,’ only because there will be more opened in the future and also it releases the notion that we are obligated to apply rules and regulations that we are not comfortable with.

Access to membership is by invitation only, basically someone inside has to invite you in. For a better understanding please read the Terms of Service carefully. (Reminder: T.O.S. hasn’t been updated yet – 7.31.21 next update).

In addition, to Family, Friends and those interested, I hope this personal note finds everyone safe, in the best of health, and assured security. Please be kind and friendly to each other, it is important that we start treating each other like human-beings. This is one of the very first steps in tackling this Climate Emergency, this individual action is a self-transformation in action and now it is an absolute necessity for all of us.

It might seem something impossible to do but it is not, being considerate and compassionate already exists within us, we just need to bring it to the surface and work on making it a preponderate nature from continuous efforts and use, just like exercising.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” – Vince Lombardi

Membership Conditions:

You have Terms-of-Service and a Private Policy, however you also have ‘Rules-and-Regulations’ and the only reason a page does not exist here with these outlines is that the Rules-and-Regulations are embedded throughout this website and of course cCc.

In regards to our friends and I mean many the many of you who know us, simply contact us for an email invitation to be added into the Control Center. However please note that everyone subscribes at the $9.99 yearly membership fee, myself and staff included. We hope to expand and grow in putting ‘ideas’ in everyone’s hands, in a really big way.

Within CECC (membership required), do not worry we are anxious to explain some details of what we sense we need to do to prepare, note the word ‘sense’ as it is expressed as our own opinion. A few ideas I personally plan to share myself will sound off the wall now but very valuable in 3 to 6 years from now. This Climate Emergency as it worsens does not give a ‘shit’ about you and neither should we when facing and tackling it.

There are so many resources and such but people simply aren’t aware of these, until now. Again, this is in part a large part of our goal here at Climate Change Community—getting this information into your hands. (I get into details why in an upcoming personal blog post)

Before we go on…

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

In any event we humbly plan on spearheading a personal and up to now non-private, ‘Climate Emergency’ venue. We intend on going public with it on or around the 4th of July, could be slightly later. When we say public, we mean adding members by means of invitation.

This ‘club’ will have at its core an ‘Idea Engine’ that is active and classified, which can then be used as a tool and a form of recognition for those submitting the idea or suggestion as well. Some will simply be links shared from articles, social media, and/or magazines which highlight important ideas and solutions.

We believe that in order to better tackle the Climate Emergency an outlet for those wanting to share their ideas and suggestions might be warranted just about now.

And this really great news…

What other people think about me is not my business.” – Michael J. Fox

We are working towards having more of our staff return with a firm will and yearning to tackle this ‘Climate Emergency’ on different types of level or perhaps from a different angle.

Our own goal is sharing salient climate adaptation and valuable ideas and suggestions with the public in order to better adapt to our Climate Emergency.

Everyone has a place, a purpose, an undertaking in regards to tackling this ‘Climate Emergency’ it is written in stone at this point. We just need to find and hone it. I do not mean this in a spiritual way although it might apply more, what I mean is we can use our existing passions, skills, interests and desires (endeavors) and in addition to applying them in our everyday lives, we can also use them to confront and tackle this Climate Emergency.

Finding ways to use the Climate Emergency to pull ourselves out of poverty might just be inevitable for us if we are planning on surviving as a species with integrity and humanity as our foundation. As it appears now we have two roads, one where we become sustainable and leave a habitable planet for our children or one in which we become scavengers and surviving via brutality and apathetic behaviors. We must choose wisely, don’t you think?

There is no truth without responsibility following in its wake.” – Kenneth L. Pike

We created ‘Climate-Emergency-Control-Center’ – specifically to share ideas, our own ideas and tons of ideas from others. These ideas can be stepping stones to ‘Climate Adaptation on a ‘Grass-Roots’ level. And get this, these ideas can become part of the foundation or an extension if you will, for both the Green New Deal and the SDGs (all 17 of them). GEM explains how, but please note GEM is only one of the ideas (that has four parts), hopefully we will have many that might be of assistance to others around the planet.

I said this before yet we must realize and accept that the Climate Emergency itself automatically makes all of us into Global Citizens. This is a fact whether you want to accept it or not. Time to let go of the hate and racism and together look towards the Climate Emergency instead of looking into each other’s eyes to see our differences in a bad light, as our differences is the very thing that will usher in Climate Adaptation and Mobilization.

By looking in the same direction together (confronting the Climate Emergency) allows us to start developing our place, and finding our individual comfort spot in the tackling of this Emergency. This is how we now have to think, we need to each do something in tackling this ‘Climate Emergency’ and in time it will become very clear. Therefore we each need to mature, to grow up, to let go of hate, racism and most of all this poison that makes us think our differences are what is causing each other’s unhappiness. This is now a necessity in confronting and tackling our Climate Emergency world-wide.

“After the verb “to love,” “to help” is the most beautiful verb in the world.” – Bertha von Suttner

Shortly, even things politicians say will not matter due to the reality of the environmental conditions (it is already happening now with the droughts and so forth), so it behooves us to prepare right now at all levels, not just those with a good salary, power, or standing, all of us. The date we were at a necessity to really prepare was over 30 years ago now.

Because of this and now due to the severity of our Climate Emergency which by the way is getting more severe, it is now a mandatory necessity and of extreme importance in that case to vote in only those into office now that have as a priority the tackling of this ‘Climate Emergency’ – and I’ll tell you why.

Because as the conditions worsens as it is happening now, we cannot stand on the side-lines any longer disturbed by the lack of will or action from our elected leaders. This means we have to each choose wisely in electing leaders who are there to work on issues like the current ‘Climate Emergency’ and if we do not do this and your town or city gets hit really bad, you will have a ball in your gut, saying shoot! ‘I should have voted for so-and-so,’ at least she/he kept saying what she/he was going to do about the ‘Climate Emergency.’

We explain more on this in some of the ideas we share which will eventually be posted in the Climate Emergency Control Center viewable without even having a membership account.

Never regret anything you have done with a sincere affection; nothing is lost that is born of the heart” – Basil Rathbone

Please note that anything we do here to tackle this Climate Emergency is very minimal to what others are currently doing so please reach out to those on the front-lines such as the Sunrise Movement, The Climate Mobilization,, Extinction Rebellion, The Earth Guardians, Climate Reality, The Leap, and many others. Become a member there and involve yourself in supporting their efforts, it will make a difference.

Anything about the future of Climate Change Community LLC, contact us.

Back to the CECC club:

If you are a well-known person, a famous ‘Climate Activist,’ Scientists, writers, actress/actors, dignitaries, celebrities, singers, media or such (even if you are not) please consider creating an account here when invited with a fictitious nickname and name, then of course use your real email which will not be public. We do not want to make this site about anything outside of adapting, tackling, and fighting this ‘Climate Emergency’ which of course leads to a sustainable planet for our children and their families to come. For an insider invitation DM me @cccmty_ or send a private email to

Basically to enter the ‘Club’ we just need to confirm that you are not an Anti-Science and/or Climate Denier and of course the hired-hands of the Fossil Fuel or Koch Industries as well as others hell bent on creating misinformation or anything that slows down the progress of vital and necessary actions in order to better prepare, mobilize and adapt.

You can come on board when invited with a fictitious username and name in general, however if possible please have a factual email address that has some longevity to it. We purposely wanted people to connect outside of those mainstream social media sites if possible.

It is an opportunity to be unique and disconnected from other sites which are busy tracking things from where you shop to where you eat in order to boost revenues. Here we do not give a crap about any of that, as long as you can submit suggestions, ideas and the like, if even links to them is enough.

Thank you for reading all this so now I will offer you some entertainment. See the music video I posted here… Tick!

One can consider parts of this post as part of the ‘Terms of Service.’

Let it truly let it be a ‘People’s’ government, and I do not say this as an activist but as a parent, father and grand-father. The Climate Emergency is going to kick-the-hell-out-of-our-assess. Perhaps Shell, Exxon, API and others can start creating payments to each and every state including Puerto Rico.

A billion dollars to each State and Puerto Rico (as outlined in GEM #1), and this is not because we want retaliation, not at all, it is because we have to fix the problems you guys created, you did it, you fund in a big way the States and Puerto Rico for the effects. It is not only fair but common sense seeing that many of our climate poverty is a direct effect and possibly tied into the wrong direction in the past and currently, again all due to the mess you created.

There is no excuse of not having funds, we know you have more than enough funds especially when you factor in how much is spent(d) on misinformation, paying off organizations to employ your hired-hands and their minions, common knowledge. Plus the subsidies gained from our government yearly. It is high time that you start paying for all the damage you have caused and continued to cause to this day.

To any government officials whether on the Climate Teams or not, you have to know that the breaks have to be pulled right now! No more pipelines, NONE! No more Fracking, Oil exploration and drilling, period. Then expedited action on any and all things Renewable, and when I say expedited, I mean expedited.

Why the intensity of our own demands now? We watched and read a bunch of information from scientist, knowledgeable activists, climate authors and others highly recognized and it shows in their faces the need for speed, in fact one scientist threw his hands up and said; ‘When are these politicians going to put people’s lives over financial gain? – don’t they see they themselves will be the ones affected by inaction or servitude to the fossil-fuel and other unethical sources?’

I am now saying all this because I know how to type and think, I say this because the sources above, ‘Mother-Earth, Our Children, and Scientists’ is giving us a salient and viable warning that if we do not move much faster and rid ourselves of the fossil-fuel it will truly be unbearable to live on this planet. If you prefer in my GEM pieces I can give you detailed examples and explanations of some of these unbearable effects. I can assure you they are not pretty.

On a much brighter side, it is reassuring to see an increase in good Climate News for a change, although not a proliferated or quick as one would like, yet good news nevertheless thanks to those mentioned above and many others. There is still so much to do, so much to learn and lots to prepare for (as highlighted and discussed in future blog posts and GEM), starting with any and all upcoming elections. Voting in climate conscious leadership is a viable Climate-Action and necessity as indicated.

Happy Father’s Day and please have a pleasant night and thank you for reading this note.


The other night, I attended a Sunrise Climate Disaster Training Zoom meeting and I must tell you that I sense I am so behind in some of our own efforts, partly because I am comparing here. I mention this in order to give an idea of just how together they are.

Sure like any organizations, there are moments of rough spots and personality differences but over all their focus is on spot. They are taking seriously securing a habitable sustainable future for us, our older generation (they are that inclusive), and their future families not to mention all plant and animals species.

I strongly believe we all share the same exact dilemma and that is incapable leaders. This is truly a fact that is making our Climate Emergency much, much worse than it has to be.

We and I mean all parties must in order to tackle this Climate Emergency correctly elect really capable, caring and environmentally conscious leadership. There is no other way around it. This needs to happen world-wide!

If you are inclined please check out the following organizations and make a membership in one, two or three of them. The Sunrise Movement, The Climate Mobilization, FridaysForFuture (students),, Earth Guardians, Extinction Rebellion, The Leap, and a host of other amazing organizations. We will start a list in the ‘Control Center.’

Climate Fight Suggestion | on a white piece of paper, write the words ‘Climate Emergency’ and place on your front window. Let’s this be one of our statements world-wide together. Share as your art on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Get Creative, but Express it, or not.

Be safe, be well and by all means let’s be kind and peaceful towards each other.

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we’re afraid. We fear we will not find love, and when we find it we fear we’ll lose it. We fear that if we do not have love we will be unhappy.” – Richard Bach

(this is a rough draft only…)