…We are now living in an environment that is ever more rapidly going out of balance, but we have no natural mechanism that adequately alarms us to this and the dangers it entails. Individuals pursuing short-term goals, often involving money or power, have an easier time achieving them that people with long-term goals. This puts them into a better position to move forward, and this tends to perpetuate itself and build up.

The factors above may well explain why few people show much interest in the future further than the next two, five, or maybe ten or twenty years. Science fiction has its enthusiasts, but has little to do what reality. Some people have longer-term interests in aspects of the future such as in medicine, aviation, communications, weaponry, education, or their retirement for example, and as it relates to their profession. However, only a few have more than a cursory interest in the whole, such as what our lives and our planet will be like in twenty or fifty years from now. This lack of interest and concern leaves our planet and future generations with few protectors in this dangers times..

While we often plan for the very near future, even governments and organizations generally ignore what might happen more than five years ahead. – Peter Seidel, Excerpt from Book; ‘THERE IS STILL TIME!’