[…]  There is also social and cultural poverty, which prevents people from realizing their full potential.

Social poverty is the absence of social services and opportunities for education, as well as a lack of information and infrastructure that would help people better develop their economic activities. Another major issue is the absence of government policies capable of responding to poverty issues.

Cultural poverty arises from traditions or old practices that hamper development, or the resistance of a community to accepting new information that would be advantageous to them. I would say also that one of the factors leading to poverty is the culture of corruption.


The number one factor that makes it difficult is an extreme power imbalance in any given society. This makes it harder for people to acquire the power to escape poverty. Examples of what cause this imbalance are a lack of dedication within government to prioritizing and implementing policies that would respond to poverty issues, and abuses of power by corrupt authorities. They are the ones who are actually hampering the development of their own communities. Political instability is also a very big factor in keeping the poor poorer. Disaster is another factor that prevents people from escaping poverty. This is especially the case in Africa, where recurring drought creates a cycle of poverty.

Excerpt from Ways Out of Poverty, An interview with Mary Ann Guzman article

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