After deep reflection and some friendly caution received I realized (and realization can be a painful—mind you), I lost my orbit in a lot of ways towards what is really important, the fact that I aired many personal matters and biases towards others as well as complaints within my idea (GEM) and other places really depressed me as I feel I failed in getting these ideas out in a salient manner. I was very anxious and enthusiastic in sharing GEM, however I tainted it by adding much grumbles and at times a low life-state within. For this I feel childlike and in many ways like a disappointment, not conquered, just a failure.

After talking with a ‘GOOD’ friend and ‘WISE’ family member whose counsel was very on point I realized in relaying information and/or sharing of myself that I was off-base, not necessarily wrong as my intentions were earnest and visibly that of someone simply trying to be part of the solution by offering ideas and discovered solutions, so with that being the case I am signaling a change of how I relay information, ideas and solutions.

Change (self-transformation) seems to be the only constant action with me these days. So in regard with the content in GEM and throughout this site, I will rewrite, cleanup and as well move (not remove, but relocate) some of the aspects in regard to personal troubles I had been having with others and some other personal content to the back-end of this blog (not easily viewable though) and to the far end of the ‘About’ page. Basically focus on the ideas and not so much on my attacks, what bothered me, or the struggles in sharing them.

By the time I finish it will be simply just a few pages focused and highlighting the main points of the ideas. In my heart, I really think it is a good idea and when you hear the rest of it, you might just agree.

This will take a little time so thanks for your patience, so with that I am also putting everything else on hold (GEM), for a short time (more than likely until Thanksgiving Day). If you login to cCc you will see GEM transform in real time within the next month and a half.

I am hoping the government is still OK with those of us who’d still like to offer ideas and suggestions as I do want to add a very important one to GEM #3 that I think will be helpful in our transition to building back better in a big financial way that relieves the government from footing most or all of the expense of the GEM #3 idea, if it is ok. It was through my self-reflection and deep prayer that this idea developed.

Another reason I feel somewhat shameful is that I loathe talking about or displaying anything about myself, hence one reason why my site went private, although from here on in I do not intend on concentrating or chatting anymore about myself or about those who have been of part of my struggles towards my endeavors, aside from those questions that were answered, or might be asked in the future. Basically, if it has a question mark at the end of it, I will still answer the questions as truthfully and openly as possible.

I prefer to stay focused just on the Climate Adaptation and other solution based content, beside it makes me feel down or gives me a sense that I am boasting which I definitely do not want to do, nor is it my intention. It was just to offer a brief introduction about myself.

However, going forward I would prefer face-to-face dialogue, actually that is what the toolbox does as each profile and room (groups) comes equipped with ‘video conferencing.’ This is so key, not sure why I hadn’t seen it before, but it is key.

Also, in the overall work towards Climate Adaptation, I sense going forward this direct dialogue with others is now of grave importance for all of us in regard to the Climate Emergency we are now experiencing, which by the way I picked-up more insight about at two particular webinars I attended this week, especially from the Climate Meeting in Ireland. I am hoping on sharing this particular one in a blog post soon, it is a must watch similar to the one I suggest you watch (in entirety) at the end of this note.

So with that I am usually attending those Climate Awakening Group Meetings, so one can always meet me there or if interested in attending any other meetings or webinars with me (of any kind) that I attend simply ask me for my schedule and link so we can attend these together if you like. (I have a major announcement, a really good one about this… at the end of this note.)

In regard to posting to Instagram those art, photos, and quoted images, I will take a break for a while, perhaps do a special ‘Art Show’ on Thanksgiving Day. I will continue to post on my personal account though.

Now, let’s get back on track with the content on hand, sharing viable resources, ideas, and solutions, shall we?

Now I have a bunch (a lot) of important articles and information to share as blog posts that I sense would be well worth reading and/or learning about (actually some are crucial). I will share them across all the blogs as time permits, plus I will be introducing another new blog with a twist.

Lastly I had mentioned that I had sort-of purchased a ‘Tech Support Company’ –well that did not work out in the way I was hoping, however I also indicated the importance to use our skills and training to help each other as the Climate Emergency worsens (explained below).

You see my friend and family member indicated that there is nothing wrong with sharing ideas, in fact, we really need that, however to stay focus on this and not so much on personal matters or attacks that have me mired in experienced drama . This is what I how I will approach the sharing of ideas and suggestions now as I do not think my ideas should be discounted, so I will continue sharing them if that is OK, but free of ‘tragedy’ and ‘grievances.’

That Major Announcement:

Our company will shoot to open three GEM Toolbox sites to the public for those who’d like to see hands-on effects and the possible benefit of them. One of course being the ‘Climate-Tech Support’ site (the twist). We will do our best to accomplish this by Thanksgiving Day, however the tech site will be available for subscription shortly to accommodate those going to COP26 and other Climate Rendezvous.

Like a good friend always tell me, you can fail a million times which is ok, but do not become crushed, as failure is simply a springboard for growth and an opportunity to mature. When you are conquered you feel really hopeless and refuse to move on, to learn from experience, or worse give-up on trying to accomplish your goals and endeavors. I will do my best to maintain an elevated  life-state and advance by learning from my failures and setbacks. Besides what kind of granddad or father would I be if I faltered in protecting their future?

In the end though, it all winds up being something in my own life that must change in order to get along better with others, to have those who disagree with me back away, to establish deep meaningful relationships with family and friends and most of all to see the world transform for the better. It took quite a long time for this to sink in, however it appears that this time is arriving. The future of our planet starts with me, right here, right now!

Most important now is for me to join others in the Climate War to get on with confronting this Climate Emergency using Adaptation, Education, Resilience, Mobilization and more.

For clarity on the last sentence please watch in its entirety this webinar I attended, you will be very informed on a specific aspect of our climate predicament, I promise you. As soon as I locate the URL for the one I attended from Ireland I will blog it as it is really enlightening as well in regard to adaptation.


Plus take a listen to this Bradblog podcast, especially about what Vermont is doing.


Endeavors going forward:

Edit GEM from beginning to end leaving just the salient main points of the ideas at the same time completing GEM #3, then open 3 GEM based sites, one a community, one a personal site and one an IT Tech Support site just for you. Stay tuned.


If you’d like to send me a private email regarding this you can use the contact page on this site as it now points to a secure email account. Also, keep it short, as I received a ‘good’ email from someone not too long ago that literally read like a book.

Please be well, be safe and by all means vaccinate.  It is so important now as we do not also want hospitals and emergency services overwhelmed due to us also dealing with emergency issues from our Climate Emergency, what a nightmare this will be.