First, our deepest condolences to everyone who has lost family, loved-one, or friend to COVID and Climate Emergency… We are in deeply sad times… Sadly it is also my mission to constantly remind you that we are also experiencing a Climate Emergency as well. Sometimes I feel I was born to do this for you.

It is so reassuring now that we have capable leaders focused on our ‘Climate Emergency.’ A big thank you to President Biden and Vice-President Harris for giving this the dire attention needed. I can hardly wait for changes that are long overdue to start manifesting. I hope your climate cabinet will allow us to offer ideas and suggestions and of course we will be OK if they are not used but who knows perhaps some can be used either on a more local level or other parts of the planet.

There are many ideas out there, not just mines, many of which will help us create one of the most awesome cultural society simply by using our obstacles and struggles. Currently though, we have the solutions, yet lacked the significant political will (until now) and are at the effect of some useless leaders (world-wide) all due to greed and lust for power. This is currently a visible fact and thank goodness it is changing.

Ignorance gives a sort of eternity to prejudice, and perpetuity to error” – Robert Hall

Imagine a society that at is based on effects of people exercising tolerance, deference, honesty, and especially overall respect for each other’s human dignity. Tackling the Climate Emergency can provide this opportunity, basically things are going to get tough but we can tackle it by helping each other in a way that also helps us all out morally, financially, and with much less worry about our children’s future.

Here’s one idea (Let us call it idea #5) for our government…

Each week create ‘Video’ meetings with those at the forefront of tackling our current Climate Emergency, such as Climate Scientists, Authors, Activists, Bio-diversity Scientists, Organizations (especially, The Climate Mobilization, Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, Earth Guardians, Students and others, again at the forefront of tackling this Climate Emergency.)

These interview topics can then be used to create weekly video information and updates for the public. We need to start learning like now as well, basically bring our Climate Emergency up front in all areas of media, such as how we are doing now with COVID.

Learning is part of dealing with an Emergency. When we learn to challenge the obstacle directly in front of us we develop ideas… this is natural but in order for this to happen it needs to be educated to us… We must breathe in the topic to generate ideas and this in and of itself will have a very effective bearing in our dealing with this Climate Emergency.

Both Climate Organizations and our Youth, need to be listened to, like right now. It is no longer our planet anymore it is our children’s. How I would love to see experts more and more on the news and weekly video updates from our government specifically on our Climate Emergency.

This also includes Internet News Stations such as TYT, The Hill Rising, and others could be interviewing them all as well (such as Thom Hartmann has been doing for some time now) varying on different climate topics and their strategies. We could also interview (finally) Climate Scientist similar to how we are starting to do now with respected medical experts on COVID-19 strategies. Just an idea.

Vitally important for a young man or woman is, first, to realize the value of education and then to cultivate earnestly, aggressively, ceaselessly, the habit of self-education.” – B. C. Forbes

To Young People:

If you are a young person please attach yourself to a Climate Organization. This is very important. Starting with Sunrise Movement would be my suggestion. I am currently reading their book (almost finished) and am totally blown away about how much I have learned about this Climate Emergency (amazing read, I highly suggest you read it).

Now especially in the United States from now we cannot and must not vote anyone into office that will not accept our predicament right now in both the COVID Pandemic and our Climate Emergency.

Perhaps we can reiterate this importance on January 5th 2021 in the United States, when Georgia has their special elections.

Both COVID and the Climate Emergency require we vote in those leaders that will either be anxious or in position to effect the needed change to tackle our Climate Emergency. To do other than this will be of great disservice to our children and loved ones.

Great thoughts are against all doctrines of conformity.” – Austin Osman Spare

In closing:

In any event, we keep moving ahead, not as fast as we need or want to, but hopefully with our new leadership in Washington we now have ‘Hope’ and a sense of ‘Progress’ in tackling our Climate Emergency.

(I have a question for scientists and climate experts: We are set to go to a full net zero by 2050. Isn’t that a little too far into the future given the fact that we must account also for the excess carbon that will be released from fires and other disasters that we might encounter in the near future? Shouldn’t we be shooting for at least 2035 or even sooner? I know it is a stretch yet without counting the carbon that will be released from these disasters and even increased use due to COVID hopefully being soon behind us, meaning more vehicles and buildings spewing increased carbon again. Perhaps ‘Just Have A Think,’ Bill McKibben, Michael Mann or anyone else can answer this question.)

Happy New Years!