Our Vision

To make the world a greener place, to bring solar to new heights of technological innovation, and to offer an elegant option to those who believe in sustainability for a better energy and environmental future.

A few testimonials…

“A great way to highlight the importance of renewable electricity.”

“As part of Carlsberg Group’s sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO, we are targeting 100% use of renewable electricity by 2022 – a target we already meet in Western Europe today. Therefore, Tuborg in Denmark found it relevant to continue that journey with Roskilde Festival, who has been a close partner for many years and who is also committed to sustainability… we thought the Smartflower was a great way to highlight the importance of renewable electricity.”

— Christian Sveigaard, Head of Tuborg in Denmark.

“A definite source of pride and accomplishment.”

“Our students, faculty and staff are stunned and excited about the Smartflowers at Trinity [High School]. The three Smartflowers are producing energy to supplant the energy consumption in our Freight farm, which produces 1200 heads of lettuce per week and is donated to the greater Washington County Food Bank. The Smartflowers are a definite source of pride and accomplishment for the members of the Trinity Area School District… We are being viewed as the innovators in our county and state.”

— Donald Snoke, Assistant Superintendent of the Trinity Area School District.

“It sparks innovation.”

“The reason why I like [the Smartflower] is it sparks innovation… We talk about what it can give as far as kilowatts and saving money. I am looking beyond that. I want these children to wake up every morning and see innovation, so they know that crazy idea that is rolling around in their head, that idea that they think can’t work — I want them to know that it can work.”

— Nathan Gaskin, LaGrange City Council Member.

“A beautiful way to demonstrate a sustainable energy future.”

“Deploying solar and storage installation at schools and community centers is a beautiful way to demonstrate how a sustainable energy future connects with educational and economic empowerment for everyone.”

— Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell.

“A really powerful tool.”

“It’s really important because it not only generates electricity but it also stops a lot of visitors who are going ‘what is that?’ and it gives us a chance to have a conversation about renewable energy. We think both because of what it actually generates and because of the interest and educational value, it’s a really powerful tool.”

— Ron Kagan, CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society.

“The Smartflower fit perfectly into our park design.”

“Our vision was to showcase the use of sustainable solar energy, and the Smartflower fit perfectly into our park design and layout… [it is] a fun and attractive way to present the park as a place that focuses on renewable energy and sustainability.”

— Henrik Ragborg Olesen, CEO of Tivoli Friheden.

“A symbol for the University’s commitment.”

“Our Smartflower will serve as a symbol for the University’s commitment to the environment while demonstrating our role as a leader in bringing the latest in solar technology to the region.”

— Scott D. Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan University.

“The impact these make is really important.”

“The flower, using that as a teaching tool, saving the planet, of course is a goal, but showing the students [in] real time the impact these things can make is really, really important. In having Innovation in our name, we try to inspire these kids any way we can.”

— Sherilyn Moore, President of the Innovation Montessori Ocoee Board of Directors.

“Gives students a real-time resource.”

“For students, when you talk about climate change or greenhouse gas emissions, about the oceans rising, sometimes that’s a little hard for them to recognize because they’re not directly connected to that. But if they could see a solar flower in their school and learn from it and think about the advantage of technology and how it saves energy, then that gives them a real-time resource.”

— George Bandy Jr., Vice President of Sustainability and Marketing for Mohawk Group.

“A perfect fit for our focus.”

“At OakStar we continually focus on progress that is beneficial to our organization and beneficial to our communities. [The SmartFlower] was a perfect fit for that focus.”

— Randy Johnson, President & CEO of OakStar Bank.

“An innovative, tangible example.”

“When students and other members of the community walk by, they’ll see that we have an innovative, tangible example of our campus commitment to sustainable energy sources.”

— Sam Stoner, Sustainability Coordinator at Mary Baldwin University.

“Educational and inspirational.”

“We’re getting these energy managers, who are getting this training inside that building, to think outside the box. They can save energy in their building by calling in work orders or by increasing the awareness of people in the building to turn off their computers, the lights, and unplug things if they don’t need them. In addition to the Smartflower providing power to our grid, it is also educational and inspirational.”

— Kirk Ticknor, Chief of the Environmental Division of the DPW.

“An architectural icon.”

“We are happy with our Smartflower. It works really well and our visitors find it attractive. We have a lot of electric vehicles parked around the Smartflower, so it looks like a green efficient zone. I think Smartflower is a good option for companies, not just for energy production, but for the aesthetic impact and external benefits it brings. Our flower was installed around 4 years ago and is still an architectural icon for us.”

— Sebastián Enrique Garcia Gallardo, Solar Project Engineer at Enel Green Power.


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