I loves me some Marvin! This one resonated with me today, with all the proposed changes to the EPA and other protections for the world we live in at risk, it feels like now is the time to hear this message again. The beauty of the introduction of this remix lies in the intricate vocal harmonies, I wanted you to hear Marvin like he was in your living room and I am very happy with the result. The emotional impact of the thoughtful and deeply felt lyrics sung a capella made me cry. Such a beautiful lament from his influential landmark LP from 1971, “What’s Going On”. The LP was quite controversial according to Berry Gordy, who was not behind this new direction Marvin was heading in. Gaye was sensitive to the maelstrom of turmoil especially after hearing stories from his brother Frankie, who served in Vietnam. He knew he had to express it creatively. Motown felt that the mixes on the album were terrible and it was left to Phil Jones, company music executive to tell Gaye to fix it. Gaye resisted and Jones listened to it again, then shipped the LP the way it was. Motown need not have worried, when the album dropped on January 20, 1971 it exploded within a day and the title track was the #1 R&B hit for five weeks starting March 27, 1971.

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