[…] Unlike Galileo, most climate skeptics draw conclusions that are not supported by the evidence. Their reaction to climate change is often motivated by ideology, and the arguments that they make from this foundation suffer from one or more errors such as cherry-picking data, confusing weather for climate, and focusing too much on uncertainty.


[…] the concept of anthropogenic climate change actually upended the long held belief that the Earth’s atmosphere is a stable and self-regulated system that humans could not affect. Pioneering scientists like Svante Arrhenius and Guy Stewart Callendar, who were among the first to introduce the connection between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, are the ones who could justifiably compare themselves to Galileo. Climate skeptics are actually pushing to restore an outdated view—and one in stark disagreement with the first. – Darling Sisterson, Excerpt from book, ‘How to Change Minds about Our Changing Climate’