We eat hamburgers made from beef gazed on lands cleared from tropical forests that once contained vast amounts of carbon.   When those forests are burned, that carbon is released into the atmosphere as CO2. In addition, the animals destined for our hamburgers produce huge amounts of methane, which is twenty-three times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. The jets that bring us grapes from Chile and shrimp from Thailand create more of these gases. And then there is what we discard. While much of it gets stowed away out of sight nearby, or dumped into waterways and carried to the ocean, some of the most toxic substances find a home in the bodies of the world’s poor who don’t have access to clean water. We have regulations, laws, police, and armies trying to protect us and keep order among us, however our efforts to protect our planet and other forms of life fall short.     – Peter Seidel, Excerpt from book – ‘THERE IS STILL TIME!’