I have attended numerous climate related online zoom, webinars or simply viewed many meetings posted to YouTube not to mention individual reports, TED Talks, and more from Climate Scientists, Climate Authors, Activists, and other Climate Professionals world-wide.

What am I getting at?

There are tons of ideas and scientific based possible solutions, as well as thoughts similar to what I outline in my Green Emergency Manuscript (GEM) which might or could be of assistance.

There is no doubt about the various solutions and adaptation measures, however the missing ingredient is willful actions from our political leaders both local and world-wide, from initiating the necessary changes from within our own lives in terms of impacts on our health, diet, and other means which generates more CO2 into the atmosphere with now Methane dispersal growing larger. So another aspect of what is missing from our current climate veracity is accountability.

Those responsible should be dishing out funds to every state and Puerto Rico as outlined in GEM #1 (see cCc update post for details). They knew the effects way before they became known to others and they knew very well that their actions was at the time, a death sentence for humankind which was and still is currently based on nothing other than greed at the expense of the future generations of children that would grow up to deal with this disaster.

Not only did they know about the science they created a very expensive misinformation and denial campaign with funds from the money that is killing our planet or rather living species and humanoids not to mention some pretty permanent damage to our oceans and forests. This campaign is still in effect even today.

They have to be held accountable and they have to pay for capping whatever oil wells and methane leaks that are in existence still and give each and every state funds including Puerto Rico, again as outlined in GEM #1. Point Blank!!!

We cannot stand by with our fingers up our arse while they continue to move our children closer and closer to the extinction list, otherwise we are as culpable as they are. I do not care if this sounds strict, what they are doing to our humanity is much more disastrous in comparison to my using bad language here.

Now in regard to my hope, my faith, my beliefs, and my attitude. We are literally right up against a wall, I really mean this. For me there are several ideas and solutions but none of them top the transformation of our own lives on a really necessary level. When we change some of our habits it becomes natural to function with new habits and they become visible in our immediate and world-wide environment.

We have to change, to become more sustainable, ecological conscious and most of all compassionate towards each other. We have a very hot plate in front of us and it is not cooling down, it is actually getting hotter by the minute. Because of the latest IPCC and the one released through the UN on 2.2.2007 (details the disasters in details that will befall us), we have no choice but to transform our way of living as well as our way of thinking.

We have to also stop buying, stop banking, stop supporting and stop fueling our lives with products and resources from those that are or either support the Fossil Fuel industry, the Agriculture industry, the Timber Industry and many others with Koch Industries right at the top of the list.

Getting back to my faith and hope for a moment. I am a new Buddhist Member, meaning that I do not think I have practiced Buddhism for several lifetimes, perhaps only one, but who knows and I am also learning and growing daily so today I am different than yesterday in many regards due to these beliefs and faith. I strongly sense ‘for me’ that reciting or chanting the tittle of the Lotus Sutra daily and reciting two chapters of this sutra twice a day will have a tremendous impact on the planet for the better. I am sorry but this is not based on blind belief, but on experience of watching my compassion, wisdom, sense of humanity, courage, confidence, human dignity and much, much more flower, develop, and grow.

I sense in time this will become key in our confronting and action of our Climate Emergency and although many others have their own faith and beliefs the great thing about Buddhism is that ‘to me’ it is based strongly on ‘Philosophy’ that is understandable and not complex in points of effectiveness. There are others who employ what I am talking about based on their length of practice and how they are putting that strengthened or gained wisdom, courage, compassion and confidence to use in order to help humanity.

Join me for a meeting as right now they are Zoom meetings held literally in just about every neighborhood of the planet, it is simply that you might not have heard about this until now. That being the case please be aware that we are more into one on one dialogue in sharing this philosophy, however for me due to the Climate Emergency and the direction we are heading in, I am opting to share some of my analysis and experience in these very paragraphs and more.

Simply contact me, the SGI-USA, Buddhability or SGI.org in order to find a get-together near you or as indicated simply send me a message in order to attend with me. This is exactly where I am at with my Faith, Beliefs, and Attitude. I wouldn’t do this in this manner were it not for how crucial the Climate Emergency has become, but we mustn’t waste time as every little or large action helps now as indicated by many modern day philosophers and scientists.

I am not talking about meditation here or any form of that, what I am talking about is increasing your life-force which in turn increases your sense and perception of common-sense or rather toughens and helps one to cultivate profound compassion and wisdom. From my and others personal experience this really does enhance this part of you, however it is best to attend a meeting to understand more.

This to me is now key in my life for confronting the Climate Emergency, twice a day or more I sit and pray, chant or recite my wishes, my desire for increased wisdom, for climate ideas (of which I have many now), others health, others security, others well-being and much more. There was a time when it was mainly prayer for materialistic desires and gain, but no longer.

In any event this action and the results of it installs hope, belief and faith in my life but the attitude portion is something I really need to work on transforming as I tend to be very honest and direct at times, without consideration as well as not trusting due to past disappointments. It is something I am working currently on transforming.

Please know that I am not knocking others faith and belief, I am simply stating in my own opinion that at one point we will either all end up praying for our situation to turn around or improve, but this will happen sooner for some but later for others. I opted to do this some time ago and continue to do so while at the same time respecting others beliefs and faiths.

Another aspect of this philosophy is that it in time it teaches you to take responsibility for your own life, decreases tremendously any complaining, judgment or criticizing nature and replaces it with a sense that whatever obstacles we face we can transform it into something better, something beneficial for oneself and society, something meaningful and valuable in both our lives and others.

Again, I am not trying to convert you, however I strongly believe this to be a desirable and value-based road for self-transformation as it is backed by a philosophy that others have more than proven effective in their own lives, including my own. We aren’t saints, yet we are humans toiling with day to day struggles with each other and ultimately our own selves. Change comes about via this type of human-revolution as indicated by Josei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda.

Thank you and I look forward to your development in regard to confronting and tackling this Climate Emergency.

Tito Alvarez