We are part of nature; however we do not feel it nor live accordingly.   Instead we see ourselves connected to the worlds of technology, money, consumerism, and entertainment.   A mere one hundred years ago, most people knew where what they needed came from, and to a lesser degree where what they discarded went.   Most of what we consumed came from nearby, while human and animal waste was returned to the soil to replenish it.     Today, although waste is generated everywhere we are (and there is a lot of it!), it is kept out of sight.   Nevertheless, it weighs heavily on the environment, poisoning the air, land, and our water supplies, while leaving soil deprived of essential nutrients and organic matter.   Today, we are mentally and often physically disconnected from the root sources of the food, energy, and materials we consume, and where the waste we produce ends up. We do not normally care about what we do not see or feel.   When we buy milk or strawberries at a supermarket, we don’t know where they come from, nor do we care. – Peter Seidel, Excerpt from book – ‘THERE IS STILL TIME!’