Our mission: To nurture a welcoming, connected, and leaderful climate community, rooted in the work and wisdom of women, to grow a life-giving future.

The problem: the climate crisis is a leadership crisis.

The science is clear: to have any hope of a livable future, we must rapidly, radically reshape society this decade.¹ We know the problems. We have the solutions. And yet, far too many leaders, across sectors, continue to focus on short-term profit and prestige. Society at large remains stuck in lukewarm concern and insufficient action, and too many people who care are still standing on the sidelines. The status quo is not working.

To date, conventional climate leadership has centered the voices and ideas of White* men, an imbalance that falls short in both fairness and efficacy.² A preference for facts without feelings, “solutions” without justice, and competition rather than collaboration continues to hold us back from building the biggest, strongest team possible.

The good news: Many of today’s most compelling climate leaders, across generations, are women—especially Black, Indigenous, and other women of color. Despite burdens, systemic barriers, and burnout, women are already leading boldly and effectively and throwing open doors to welcome people into climate work. A powerful, transformational climate-feminist ecosystem is emerging.

But it’s not emerging nearly fast enough—in part because of persistent inequity in climate funding and racism and patriarchy impeding good work. It’s time to wholeheartedly support those who are lighting the way to a just and livable future and to grow feminist climate leadership across all genders and in every corner.

* We capitalize all races, following the lead of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and others