There are two Green New Deal books that are definite ‘must reads’ this one mentioned below (Winning The Green New Deal) and Jeremy Rifkin’s ‘The Green New Deal’

Both are truly informative and easy to understand. In fact, The Sunrise Movements book, ‘Winning The Green New Deal’ really educated me and Mr. Rifkin’s book opened my eyes. If you really want to learn quickly about The Green New Deal then these two books are the ones.

In ‘Winning The Green New Deal’ two Chapters were truly educational to me and I couldn’t help but keep saying ‘wow’ and ‘others must read this.’ The chapters by Rev. William J. Barber II and Guido Girenti and Waleed Shahid. Not to minimize all the other chapters as the entire book is a ‘white knuckle’ read.

Sunrise Movement’s Book Link – Tick

Jeremy Rifkin’s – The Green New Deal – Tick