(CNN)The movement for a cleaner, greener world has grown increasingly popular as the climate crisis has worsened, and organizations such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, now household names, have raised millions to save species, cut down on pollution and slow the effects of climate change.

But many environmental organizations are still predominantly staffed and led by White employees, a new report finds. And with few people of color on staff, racial disparities in who’s impacted most by harmful environmental policies will continue, a leading environmental justice expert says.

report from Green 2.0, a group that advocates for improved diversity among environmental groups, found that 40 of the top environmental justice organizations in the United States and worldwide are mostly White. Though many of the organizations evaluated have made an effort in the past four years to increase the number of staffers and board members who are Black and people of color, the report shows the green movement has a long way to go in terms of racial parity in leadership.