What values do we need to be the new global cultural norms?

Clearly, we need to focus more strong on all intrinsic values.   But I want to emphasize three in particular that seem more essential now than ever. These are values that need to prevail across all cultures of the world.   Quite apart from whether they are inherently ‘nicer’, we need them for purely practical reasons in order to survive in eh Anthropocene. Cultural diversity is a great thing, just as long as call cultures share these characteristics. Any culture that doesn’t is unfit for the twenty-first century, and we should all have a problem with it.
Here are the three values:

  • All people are inherently equal in their humanity. With this comes the principle that all should be allowed, encouraged and enabled to live their lives in whatever way they find meaningful, provided this negotiated alongside the equal rights of others to do likewise.   (The principle, of course, includes but is not restricted to all questions of equality of race, gender, class, nationality, religion, sexuality, and anything else you care to mention.)
    (2) Respect and care for the world; its beauty, life-supporting complexity and all its life forms.
    (3) Respect for truth-for its own sake. The honoring of facts, as far as they can be discerned.   Allowing others to have the clearest view of whatever you or they may deem to be evidence. Transparency over reasons, methods and personal interests.

– Mike Berners-Lee, Book Excerpt: ‘THERE IS NO PLANET B’ – A handbook for the Make or Break Years. (Necessary Read…)