“Criminal justice can contribute to addressing the climate crisis. A significant share of greenhouse gas emissions is associated with conduct amounting to violations of existing criminal law. Targeting climate change by enforcing criminal law can be extremely efficient. It can be done on the basis of existing laws, through existing institutions and with minimal additional cost. Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth’s book is a timely and important contribution to the debate regarding how criminal prosecutions, both at the national and international level, could be used to repress and deter climate damaging conduct at a large scale and on a lasting basis.” – Reinhold Gallmetzer, Appeals Counsel, International Criminal Court Founder, Center for Climate Crime Analysis


“This book makes an important contribution to the public debate about climate change because it effectively explains why climate change disinformation campaign funded by some fossil fuel companies and free-market fundamentalist foundations should be responded to as an unprecedented virulent crime against humanity. Although the book makes clear that enormous harms to life and ecological systems are already attributable to this disinformation campaign, if the obstructionist power of the disinformation campaign can be neutralized, policy responses are now available that could effectively minimize future climate induced catastrophic harms.” – Donald A. Brown, Scholar In Residence and Professor Sustainability Ethics and Law, Widener University Commonwealth Law School

Two Book Reviews from book from – Unprecedented Crime by Peter Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth