It is the clean energy carrier that is making the transport industry—from automotive and rail to shipping—sit up and take notice: hydrogen. For Airbus VP of Zero-Emission Aircraft Glenn Llewellyn, hydrogen is more than just an industry buzzword: it is potentially the future of aviation. 

For over 50 years, kerosene has been king in the aviation industry, providing the essential fuel needed to power aircraft. But another high-potential technology pathway is now moving into the spotlight.

Hydrogen, the element at the very top of the periodic table, has been piquing the interest of aeronautical engineers worldwide. Glenn Llewellyn counts himself among hydrogen’s earliest fans. Today, he is at the helm of a hydrogen revolution at Airbus with the mission to unite all the ingredients needed to launch the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft programme.

At Airbus, we strongly believe renewable energy needs to power future aviation. And hydrogen is potentially the best pathway through which to do so. – Glenn Llewellyn, Airbus VP of Zero-Emission Aircraft

I tend to be very skeptical about Hydrogen only because I do not understand the basic science behind it plus due to this article below…

Decoding the Hype Behind the Natural Gas Industry’s Hydrogen Push